Metaphysical counseling

"Metaphysics is like the key to the subconscious". 


In my work as a metaphysical counselor, I will help you work through the difficulties you are struggling with in many areas of your life such as health, relationships, well-being, disturbing emotions, etc. 


With your openness and trust, I will accompany you on your journey with my professional support and life experience. 


With an open ear and without judgment, I will help you face challenging and stressful life situations and find answers and solutions to your concerns. By listening carefully to your story, using my knowledge and intuition, I help you to understand yourself better. 


Metaphysical therapy is like returning to a beloved "home" that resides in the soul, heart and consciousness of each of us. It is a journey to the most beautiful place in the world, to your true and authentic self. Because the door of the soul opens inwards. 

Metaphysical life counseling is a holistic approach and is available to assist you in all your life issues. The counseling and guidance takes place in a respectful and trusted environment. 

Some of the topics to be covered: 


  • Facing your fears, transforming them into love and trust to discover new ways.  
  • Learning to trust yourself in order to achieve serenity. 
  • Developing joy in life 
  • Personality development - self-realization 
  • Strengthening self-awareness, self-security, self-confidence and self-love. 
  • Every illness has its origin and purpose. Recognizing the issue behind the illness so that the body can recover. 
  • To bring relationship with oneself and with our fellow human beings into a quality worth living. 
  • Restore the "order" in a family for example patchwork family, so that everyone can find his place in peace and serenity. 


  • Trial session of 20 minutes free of charge
  • Individual session of 1 - 1.5 hours, CHF 120.00 per session
  • Recommended package of six counseling sessions, 
  • CHF 120.00 per session, six sessions for the price of five