You wish to develop yourself further and connect with your Authentic Self? As a metaphysical counselor I will accompany you with your topics and concerns that are troubling you. 

"On this day of your life I believe God wants you to know that
your job, your invitation from the Universe is:
to give people to Themselves."

                          Neale Donald Walsh


"Metaphysics is like the key to the subconscious". 


In my work as a metaphysical counselor, I will help you work through the difficulties you are struggling with in many areas of your life such as health, relationships, well-being, disturbing emotions, etc. 


With your openness and trust, I will accompany you on your journey with my professional support and life experience. 


With an open ear and without judgment, I will help you face challenging and stressful life situations and find answers and solutions to your concerns. By listening carefully to your story, using my knowledge and intuition, I help you to understand yourself better. 


Metaphysical therapy is like returning to a beloved "home" that resides in the soul, heart and consciousness of each of us. It is a journey to the most beautiful place in the world, to your true and authentic self. Because the door of the soul opens inwards. 

Metaphysical life counseling is a holistic approach and is available to assist you in all your life issues. The counseling and guidance takes place in a respectful and trusted environment. 

Some of the topics to be covered: 


  • Facing your fears, transforming them into love and trust to discover new ways.  
  • Learning to trust yourself in order to achieve serenity. 
  • Developing joy in life 
  • Personality development - self-realization 
  • Strengthening self-awareness, self-security, self-confidence and self-love. 
  • Every illness has its origin and purpose. Recognizing the issue behind the illness so that the body can recover. 
  • To bring relationship with oneself and with our fellow human beings into a quality worth living. 
  • Restore the "order" in a family for example patchwork family, so that everyone can find his place in peace and serenity. 


I offer a holistic vision of care: not only for the outer beauty, but also from within relevant nutritional advice and furthermore tips on health and lifestyle. Besides manual cosmetic treatments, I inform you about the beneficial effects of high quality organic and fresh cosmetics: - why care without harmful ingredients and preservatives (such as preservatives and solvents, stabilisers as well as mineral oils) is important and why it can have a preventive effect on skin diseases such as cancer. 

Why manual and not apparative cosmetic treatments? Because the most important method is "human touch", i.e. human touch on a physical and mental level. Many techniques are tried out, but the touch of the hand is still the best. Good manual massage is natural, beneficial and unique. 

I also promote a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise and detoxification of the organism in my studio. All treatments are done with 100% natural, fresh cosmetics. 

Consultation on products, diet and healthy lifestyle is free of charge. 


Do you have any questions related to my services or would you like to make an appointment? 
Please get in touch with me about your request by phone, email, SMS or via the contact form.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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